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10 Teacher Gifts They Actually Want
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10 Teacher Gifts They Actually Want

Teachers are working harder now more than ever. This holiday season, let them know you appreciate them with a thoughtful teacher gift they actually want.

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Gifts Teachers Really Want

Cable knit throw blanket teacher gift

#1 A Cozy Blanket– Classrooms tend to be very chilly places, no matter the season. A nice throw blanket is a cozy teacher gift that will definitely be appreciated! This one is 100% cotton and machine washable (a must!). Plus, it’s super cute!

Mr. Coffee mug warmer teacher gift

#2 Mug Warmer- I can’t tell you how many cold cups of coffee I’ve had as a teacher. I always make a cup with the best of intentions, and then get sidetracked. Buy your kid’s teacher a mug warmer so they’ll never have a cold cup again!

Starbucks gift card teacher gift

#3 Starbucks gift card (or Dunkin Donuts)- Give your kid’s teacher the gift of energy! Seriously, though, they need the coffee. Give them the coffee.

Insulated water bottle teacher gift

#4 Insulated water bottle– Teachers don’t have the luxury of being able to go get a drink whenever they want (because, ya know, they have kids to supervise). This insulated water bottle is the perfect teacher gift to help them keep their water cold all day.

Flair pens teacher gift

#5 Flair pens– The Cadillac of pens. Get these Flair pens for your kid’s teacher and they will jump for joy! Teachers agree that these are superior to every other pen in existence.

Lilly Pulitzer notebook teacher gift

#6 Cute notebook– Teachers love a good notebook. We use them for everything! I love this one by Lilly Pulitzer, but you can find adorable notebooks pretty much anywhere. But please, don’t get one with a corny saying like, “Teachers change the world one child at a time” or “I’m a teacher. What’s your superpower?” Trust me, we already have about 5,000 gifts with sayings on them. We don’t need any more.

Don’t forget the snacks!

Annie's Organic Snack Mix teacher gift

KIND bar teacher gift

#7 All the snacks– If you want to get on their good side, get your kid’s teacher some snacks. Most teachers eat their lunch while they make copies, grade papers, etc. so snacks like these are super convenient. Throw in some Reese’s too, for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Personal note teacher gift

#8 Personal note- You don’t have to spend money to show you kid’s teacher how much you appreciate them. A personal note from you or your child can be so uplifting and encouraging. Believe me, that note will be kept for years to come.

Bath bombs teacher gift
Bath salts teacher gift

#9 Bath bombs and salt– After a long day of teaching, relaxing in a hot bath is the perfect way to unwind. These bath bombs and bath salts are a thoughtful way to pamper your kid’s teacher. Just be sure to get ones with a subtle or neutral scent, like these.

Puffs tissues teacher gift

#10 Tissues– You wouldn’t believe how quickly a classroom goes through a box of tissues, especially during cold and flu season. Be a sweetie and throw in a box of tissues with your teacher gift. They’re like gold to teachers.

Teacher Gifts to Skip

Teachers are so grateful for any gift they receive from their students, but there are some popular teacher gifts that will just end up collecting dust.

  • Mugs– We already have about 300 coffee mugs. If you get your kid’s teacher a mug, it will probably be donated to Goodwill. Again, the thought is nice, but one person can only use so many mugs.
  • Candles– Again, we have tons. Plus, most people have very specific scents they like and dislike. It’s kind of a shot in the dark.
  • Seasonal soap– Unless it’s really fancy and luxurious, it’s best to skip this teacher gift. By the time you’ll give your kid’s teacher this soap, the season will almost be over. Plus, they might not like the scent.
  • Silly tie– He’ll wear it once because he’s nice, and then it will sit in his closet for a few years.
  • Anything with a cutesy teacher quote– This one is worth reiterating. If it has a sappy or silly quote, it’s probably not a teacher gift they’ll want. We live and breathe our profession, but we are real people outside of the classroom. We don’t need the word “teacher” on everything we own.
  • Homemade food– Normally, this is an awesome teacher gift. Who doesn’t love some homemade snickerdoodles?! But, alas, Covid. Any homemade food will probably go in the trash.

I hope this list helps you find the perfect teacher gift. Teachers have been working their tails off this week and it means a lot to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

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